Group Information & Passwords

OMAGOD's anniversary is February 27, 2013

The registration form was fudged a bit in order to get our group registered immediately. Here are the receipts from our first meeting at the Center. Yay! :)

Our Meeting In Orlando:

Emmanuel Episcopal Church

1603 Winter Park Road

Orlando, FL 32803

Service Number: 000709352
District 11 - Area 14

District 11 meets at 7 P.M. on the 3rd Monday of each month at

The East Side Club

2017 North Goldenrod Road 
Orlando, FL 32807


IRS Employer Identification Number (for bank account):


* Unfortunately, our liaison for the online meeting was moving to another state and rather than pass the position off to another group member, she took it upon herself to "take the meeting from us". She changed the name of the meeting, blocked our access, and removed any identifying information from the site. The information below is for reference only.

Service Number: 000714349

InTheRooms Admin Account #: 323611 


To switch chairpersons go to


The direct link to the meeting is


Chairperson Account

Username: omagod

Password: servicekeepsussober

OMAGOD has the several email addresses. These were created to ensure anonymity and provide consistency when the committee chairs pass the torch to a new chairperson (the emails stay with the position, not the member). The email addresses are:

The password for each email address is:

servicekeepsussober with the exceptions of OMAGODemail, OMAGODtreasurer & OMAGODGSR which is servicekeepsussober1 account:









A.A. Contributions*:





*All of the OMAGOD email addresses have the same password except for which is servicekeepsussober1


Digital Contributions

First Name: OMAGOD

Last Name: MEETING

Username: OMAGOD

Search for @OMAGOD