1. Follow the opening procedures if there is no opener present. The opening and closing responsibilities are in the supply box. This should be done before proceeding to the next step.


  1. You should have the following items on the table:


  1. Script

  2. Purse

  3. 7th Tradition envelope

  4. Announcement Folder

  5. 3 Welcome Packets (anyone who identifies himself or herself as new to AA or new to our group gets a Welcome Packet.

  6. A pen

  7. Venmo Cards

  8. Recovery Milestones / Medallions 

  9. AA Preamble


  1. You are responsible for setting up the following literature (5 of each) on a table near the coffee trolley:


  1. The God Word

  2. Questions & Answers on Sponsorship

  3. Are You an Alcoholic Quiz

  4. Welcome Packets

  5. Meeting Guides

  6. Home Group Membership Forms

  7. Venmo cards

  8. Venmo Business Cards


  1. You are responsible for setting up the following signs / placards:


  1. Home Group QR Code (put the membership forms in front of sign)

  2. Venmo Directions sign (put the Venmo cards / business cards in front of sign)

  3. Meeting Guide App sign (put the Meeting Guides in front of sign)

  4. Responsibility Statement banner (hang on wall securing it at the top)



  1. As soon as the meeting is over, collect the 7thTradition donations and count the cash. Have another group member verify it. Fill out the 7thTradition envelope (remember to have the verifier sign it as well). Put the collection in the envelope and seal it. Put the envelope in the back of the script in the “Treasurer Stuff” envelope. 

  2. You are responsible for putting away the chairperson supplies and literature

Make yourself available to answer questions and greet any newcomers or anyone you feel needs support. If you wish, offer your phone number to the newcomers and encourage them to join our group / keep coming back. Use your best judgment and ask a home group member if you don’t know the answer to a question. If no closer is present, please follow the closing procedures.