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Our Meeting Materials

Here, you will find all of the materials we use to keep Our Mostly Agnostic Group Of Drunks up and running. You have our permission to use it in any way you see fit, especially if you are thinking of starting your own "Group Of Drunks."  If you have any questions or need any help please CONTACT US. Enjoy!


Our Mostly Agnostic Group Of Drunks Printable Script

In order to keep our meeting running smoothly we follow a script that has been reviewed and approved by our group's home members. Click below to view a copy or download it and make it your own. If you're starting a meeting and would like access to the template, CONTACT US. If you want to see how our Zoom meeting works, take a look at the Zoom script!


Sometimes, coming up with a topic to discuss isn't as easy as it seems. That's why our group created our Spin-to-Win Topic Wheel. Each number has several topics printed on cards that can inspire our conversations for the evening. Most of the topics come from AA Literature or from discussions we've had in sobriety. 


On Saturday nights we all attend a local restaurant for fellowship and fun after the meeting and the wheel chooses where we go that night! 


Click on our Topic Book to get a preview of the topics on the wheel.


Sometimes, 24 hours is too long to even think about. How about taking it ten minutes at a time? If you'd like to start stopping, we suggest you pick up this chip and make the decision not to drink tonight. If tempted, chew on this chip. If it magically turns into butter, go ahead and have that drink. If not, stick it back in your pocket and DON'T DRINK! It helps to repeat the mantra printed on the back.


Our meeting uses unique chips to celebrate our milestones on the road of recovery. We order the chips from The Token Shop. We print the months on gold mailing seals from Avery (5590) and use template 5247. You can click on the images below to order and download the templates. 

Please let us know if you need help with these.

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